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Experience will be your monument and your love [entries|friends|calendar]

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[24 Jun 2005|04:09pm]

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[09 Jun 2005|06:18pm]
viva la vinyl is down. it seems like thats the only time I touch LJ now. oh well.

pretty great couple of days records-wise

god bless you, daniel epheron

more awesomenessCollapse )
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[18 Apr 2005|07:15pm]
Funeral Diner was amazing. short set, but it was still awesome.

New records
The Microphones | Singing From Mount Eerie | K | Black
The Microphones | Drums From Mount Eerie | K | Black

Kaospilot | Self Titled | Level Plane | Tan
The Microphones | Live In Japan February 19th, 20th, 21st | K | Black
The Pine | Don't Need Regret | Alone | Black | Test Press
Stop It!! | Self Made Maps | Perpetual Motion Machine | Black | Screened Cover ?/525
Thanksgiving | Welcome Nowhere | P. W. Elverum & Sun | White

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[14 Apr 2005|05:56pm]
Meneguar | I Was Born At Night | Magic Bullet | Black | Summer Tour Test Press, Mailorder Edition of 50
Mirah | College Park Is Always Ready To Party | Morning Light | Black | #114/500
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[13 Apr 2005|10:31pm]
VLV is down, so I'm putting my new records here until I can transfer them.

Light The Fuse and Run | 1,2,3 | Golden Brown | Black
The Pine / La Quiete | Broken Hearts Club | 2x7", One White, One Black | ?/70

The Pine | Don't Need Regret | Alone | White | ?/100
The Pine | Don't Need Regret | Alone | Clear | ?/100
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[26 Mar 2005|04:29pm]
Saturday afternoons are SO BORING.

college update: my scholarship to BU is renewable for all 4 years. Amazing!
I got into Fordham, but obviously wont be going now.
I didn't get into Vassar, but obviously don't care now.

record update: past 2 days
cable car theory - s/t 7"
rapider than horsepower/the coke dares 7" screened cover limited to 50
rapider than horsepower/sheryl's magnetic aura 7" test press #8/27
this scares me - s/t 7"
forstella ford/life detecting coffins LP
salvo rain - s/t LP

Yesterday I hung out with Matt and Kelly. I went to the famous "Spike's" in Allston for the first time ever, and let everyone down by getting a chicken sandwich instead of a hotdog.

Then I hung out with Rachel. We ended up going to her apartment and watching Seinfeld and The Simpsons. then I came home.

My mom tried to give me some speech about saving money instead of blowing it all on records. I then informed her that I just saved her 160,000 dollars on my education, and that the 4 records I got yesterday cost me a total of $6

I saw some great shows last week.
Sinaloa on St. patrick's day was awesome. Wow, Owls! opened and were really good
Xiu Xiu last saturday was amazing. played lots of new songs that sounded awesome, and of course the older classics
Mount Eerie and Woelv on Monday. Woelv blew me away, Mount Eerie played his entire new LP in order, then some other stuff. I dont think I recognized any of the songs from before, but they were still great.

Senior Week: Had a lot of fun with people I dont usually hang out with. good times was pretty sweet.
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[24 Mar 2005|10:27pm]
It is our pleasure to inform you that you earned one of the top scores in the Boston University Ancient Greek Scholarship Competition and have been awarded a Greek Scholarship for the 2005/2006 academic year. This distinction carries with it a full-tuition scholarship to Boston University for the coming year. This is an achievement in which you can take great pride.

yes. full scholarship to Boston University. amazing.
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[13 Mar 2005|07:37am]
So I've been terribly sick the past couple of days.

Friday we started filming our final movie for film class, "Talisman". We shot the scene I'm in (its only 2 scenes long, the assignment is a 2-5 minute film).

Yesterday I was supposed to go back to Milton to film the rest of it, but I woke up coughing blood, and actually threw up a few times. it was no fun at all, and there was no end to the coughing for literally 4 hours. I decided to stay home.

Around 5pm I got extremely bored at home, and took some pictures of my favorite-looking records.

raein/daitro 10"
a cut, for hospitality's sakeCollapse )

So today I think I'm hanging out with Stephanie in boston, which should be cool. She's been home for a week and I havent seen her yet.

I went to bed fairly early last night, woke up at 4am all stuffed up, decided to listen to all my mogwai mp3s until I fell asleep.. totally worked. I'd always wake up during the totally awesome parts of the songs too, then fall asleep when it got back to the slower parts.

It's now 7:45 and theres no way I can sleep anymore. ugh.
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all your base are belong to us [10 Mar 2005|04:00pm]
I stayed home sick today. I missed 2 tests. ouch.

got new batteries for my digital camera finally. some old pictures, some new

Stephanie + Elise as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.. they look like conjoined twins

Nearly completed Belle & Sebastian LP collection.. got another piece of the puzzle last night

neil perry collection is coming along nicely

in non-picture related news, I went to the WB56 studio yesterday with my film class. After cracking several jokes about Sister Sister, Zoe Duncan Jack & Jane, and One Tree Hill, it was time to leave. We seriously did nothing there. They showed us this video they send to advertisers to sell ad time. it was like clips of Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Will & Grace. They said they were the "only place to find Friends"... TBS shows like 4 episodes of Friends a night.. and your biggest shows are syndicated from other stations!

We watched Jerry Springer and Maury Povich from the control room. Lots of whores. Lots.

got the Light the fuse and run LP in the mail today. so good.

I finished watching "Happiness" today. what a fucked up movie.. and ending. what kid tells his whole family that he finally came!??

I then watched disc 1 of Arrested Development season 1. I want to watch disc 2, but my dvd player is acting up again. I'm actually only posting an entry to give it time to fix itself (no, I'm not retarded.. the same thing happened last week, I shut the tv off, waited a while, turned it on, and it was fine)
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[27 Feb 2005|09:06am]
I am up so god damn early.

I need to finish like 150 pages of the worst book ever written (The Moviegoer by Walker Percy) today. Luckily, I have absolutely no plans for the day.

Holy Shit. look at all the records coming out in 2005 that I will most likely end up buying. a TON of 8"s, 9"s and 10"s. and one 5" by 2 amazing bands. Bolded ones are the most important, but a lot are bold.

Shikari/Louise cyphre split 9"
Welcome the plague year / Ampere 5"
Meneguar - I was born at night LP

take down your art / sweetheart split 10"
take down your art / towers split 9"
Sinloa lp
Fiction lp
Fiction/Kaospilot split
Sinaloa/Life at These Speeds split
Killed by Malaise 12"

wow, owls!/the setup split 7"
liza kate/rachel jacobs 7" exotic fever
liza kate/the nine billion names of god lp owsla
daitro/angora static 7"

A Fine Boat That Coffin lp
The Exelar 7"
polar/massmovementofthemoth 10"
Xiu Xiu - La Foret 2x10"
Xiu Xiu / Devendra Banhart split

hi ho six shooter 7''
the exelar/ holy fucking spirit 8"
they and the children lp
A Silver Mt.Zion - Horses in the Sky LP
La Quiete/Louise Cyphre split 10"/CD
Joshua fit for battle - To Bring Our Own End LP
Toru okada - LP
Life at these speeds - LP

Circle takes the square s/t 12"
Die emperor die/William elliott whitmore 10"
The Walls you've built 10"
Emo Armageddon 7" Compilation w/ raein, la quiete, shikari, louise cyphre, danse macbare, june paik, daitro, boa narow, cease upon the capitol, what price wonderland, mock heroic, utarid, dasein, sl27, i am dead yet, a fine boat that coffin
I hate myself - 3 songs 12"
The Pine : "Don't Need Regret" LP/CD
The Pine/North lincoln - split 10"
The Pine - 7"
Daïtro LP

Belle Epoqué 12"
Catena collapse 12"
Funeral diner - LP

Hi, Ho Six Shooter! 10" EP
Wow, Owls! LP

it's going to be a good year musically, and a bad year financially.

so I saw "In Good Company" last night. I rather liked it, despite hating Dennis Quaid. a lot. Featured some Shins/Iron&Wine/Soundtrack of Our Lives songs throughout the film. It was in a really small theatre, which was packed. I was next to the lady who likes to point out obvious things. IE Dennis Quaid finds a pregnancy test in the trash, she responds with "BUUUUSSSSTEEEEEED. SHE IS CAUGHT!" to her husband. what the hell??? Also, everyone laughed at the not-so-funny parts, for an obscenely long amount of time. IE Dennis Quaid walking into his "surprise party" in his boxers, and then mooning everyone. They were laughing for like 45 seconds after that.. so lame.
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[21 Feb 2005|04:07pm]
show friday night sucked. they wouldnt let matt in cause he wasnt 17, so we didnt go.

work saturday was pretty sweet since I got to close early.

yesterday at work this southern lady asked me to make a "Blizzard" for her. Not working at Dairy Queen, I informed her that we dont make those. Then I told her I could try to make something similar. She replied with "thataboy, git r done!"
so good.

Then this other lady asked for a really thick shake with Phish Food. when I was pouring it out, she said "oh man it looks like poop!" which was apparently a good thing. then she said "you always hook me up, playa, thanks!" amazing.

the last couple of days have been weird. I've been sleeping a lot more, eating a LOT less (past 36 hours = 2 pieces of toast, handful of wheat thins) listening to a lot more xiu xiu, listening to a lot less screamo. this vacation seems like its going to be pretty boring.
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...and watch the story unfold [17 Feb 2005|05:35pm]
the book of dead names is pretty underrated, I've decided.

Today in Greek class, Matt Breslin puts a paper he wrote on my desk. I start to read it; it is about all the different types of poop there are. some of it made me laugh just because I was reading it in Greek class.

Cut to today after school, walking through the parking lot. Big SUV with the trunk open, stero blaring. It's Matt Breslin and other's selling these huge cookies for a dollar. I finally recognize the song playing... "No More I Love You's" By Annie Lennox. absolutely amazing scene.

The dumb kids in my english class totally hate Paul now, because he knows so much about the extra credit questions that Mr. Fletcher asks. Today, Fletcher dictated lyrics to "Fight The Power" by Public Enemy. Paul and I were the only ones who recognized them as Public Enemy lyrics. everyone else was like "what about good rap? like Chingy??"

One more day until february vacation. Cannot wait.

I have been asked by two seperate people to audition for the play Dead Man Walking. I'm going to audition tomorrow. fuck the haters. All the drama kids seem to hate Mr. Hernandez' directing style. Which is great since he seems to hate all the drama kids.

Transistor Transistor, Hot Cross, Books Lie show tomorrow night. YWCA in Cambridge. 17+ With ID. COME TO IT.

I fucking hate Jay Mariotti.

Oh, today we sat at Brint Malebones' table instead of our table. This led to Brint and his friends (Whom have all been named: Jimmy Tickles, Boom Boom Huck Jam, Shelby Woo, Gwampa, Biker Boyzz) sitting at our usual table. It was totally wacky. Morgan came in the clutch again with ANOTHER 12-pack of Dr. Pepper.
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[15 Feb 2005|08:38pm]
Brint Malebones aside...

got a pretty sweet mail haul in the past 2 days
Circle Takes the Square/pg99 on clear
Jeromes Dream/Usurp Synapse on white

pg99 - document 8 on yellow

belle & sebastian - tigermilk
belle & sebastian - 3..6..9 seconds of light [that's right, motherfuckers.]
isis - panopticon 2xlp on clear
xiu xiu - a promise #390/400

Today was National High Five day. It started promising, with multiple H5's at the morning table, but by the end of the day, we all sort of forgot about it. Still plan on H5'ing a lot this week.

Transistor Transistor, Books Lie, Hot Cross, and Read Yellow are playing the YWCA friday. I'll be there. You should be there too.

Xiu Xiu is playing the YWCA on March 19th (A saturday, instead of the previously listed 3/20 Sunday. so crucial). I'll be there. You should be there too.

Mount Eerie is playing MIT on March 21st. If you miss it, you are retarded.

Nostalgia time..
In 10th grade, I got a copy of Stay Gold's cd "Pills and Advice" randomly in the mail. someone from Skylabcommerce sent it to me by accident. He let me keep it. I loved it then, but forgot about it until I found it again 2 weeks ago. I added it to my iPod and occasionally a song will come on from it. That cd was so fucking good. I still remember all the (admittedly lame) lyrics. "stainless steel upside your head, I'll paint this barrel BLOOD FUCKING RED!" and "the prettiest girls, they smile. While the well-dressed boys, they laugh. ::chuggachugga CHUG CHUG!:: and those same girls, now with bullet holes, they lay down and DIE! while the boys hang themselves" totally finger-pointing sing-a-longing awesomeness.
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behold a pale horse [15 Feb 2005|06:12pm]

that is all.
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[13 Feb 2005|10:16pm]
Listen guys, I'm not going to be posting paragraphs of journalistic GOLD and settle for ONE COMMENT.

that being said, more news I left out.

Brint Malebones now knows that we call him Brint Malebones.

for those of you who dont know, here's the back story. copied and pasted from another place I mentioned Brint..

This freshman who sits at the lunch table next to mine always wears a white sweater with a flourescent colored collar popped over it. (typically pink, lime green, or an orange we describe as "creamsicle"

we have named him BRINT MALEBONES.

4 of us at the lunch table are in a band together, we changed our name to Brint Malebones in lieu of this kid.

My friend Drew snapped one day: "oh my god, unpop that fucking collar right now. I hate you. I HATE YOU!"

but that was before he knew we had named him. Now he knows we call him Brint Malebones, and we have interacted a few times. Most recently when my friend Paul wanted to know what type of salad dressing he was using. (back story: Paul had recently told a teacher [MR. MARTELL] that my other friend Drew thought that the teacher was legitimately retarded. Paul said Drew overreacted by getting mad, and that he wouldn't care if Drew told anybody anything that he said about anyone.)
So I go to ask Brint what type of salad dressing he's using

Me: Brint, what type of salad dress...
Drew: This kid told me he wants to have sex with you.
Paul: fuck! no!
Brint: Uhm. I'm straight. It's italian.

so good. I love Brint Malebones.

Whenever I see him in the hallway, I just sing "BRIIIIIINT" or "MAAAAALEBOOOOOOOONES" at him. we recently harmonized his name at lunch.
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[12 Feb 2005|08:17pm]
Homousexual (hummus sexual) is pretty damn sweet. They have this song on the This Is Your Life compilation thats a how-to-make-hummus instruction.

Long time no update.

Yesterday morning, this grimy dude got on the orange line. I immediately noticed his hilarious swagger. He then opened his mouth: "who the fuck do you think you are, ricky? you think you're fuckin god, but you and him are just pieces of shit. you think you run this town? I RUN THIS FUCKIN TOWN" etc etc, like he was in a movie or something. note: he was not with anyone, or addressing anyone who was physically present. amazing.

My rivalry with the inept Mr. Hernandez has reached a new height.
Him: "Uh you guys, despite being one of two groups to actually PASS IN a script, didn't do what I told you to do"
Me: "What? you told us to write a script. we did"
Him: "I can't even read this!"
Me: "How is it any different from the other script, other than the centering?"
Him: "This isn't how a script looks"
Me: "you never TOLD US how a script looks. You haven't told us ANYTHING. Jose's group only knows it because they took the initiative themselves to emulate scripts they've read online. Nothing we've learned in this class told us about script-writing"
Him: "I showed you that website three months ago.."
Me: "exactly. 3 months ago. for 5 minutes."

he then proceeds to teach us how to write a script.
Him: "Rory do you have this URL written down?" (URL = script-o-rama.com)
Me: "Written down? no. I think I can remember that complex Script-o-rama URL...)

All he had to do was show us the website a day before it was due, and we would have done fine. fucking asshole.

Whenever I listen to compilations, I lose track of what band is actually playing. This is much harder when every other band is singing/screaming in a european language, and even the lyric sheets cant help.

Worked yesterday, worked today. pretty boring. No really amazing stories.

So I have two lunch periods every day, one is a powerhouse of funny (Me, Paul, Drew, Nick, O'Riordan) and one is what Drew and I call "Shitty Lunch" (Me, Drew, Ryan Murphy, Matt Finnegan, Spencer Peterson, Pat Broome, Tim Rusteika, Keith Lohnes). Lately, Shitty Lunch has been amazing, since Drew and I are unapologetic about telling everyone else at the table (except Ryan Murphy) that they're not funny, and that it is in fact a shitty lunch table.

We got this new type of slush at school, and it totally sucks. However, Matt Finnegan asked us which one to buy. We recommended the Green one (notoriously the worst flavor EVER) and he buys it, and brings it to the table. He then goes away for a while. While he's gone, we all pass around his slush and drink about half of it, to prove how fucking bad it tastes. He is noticably sad to find his slush half gone, and says "what happened?" we told him "come on, it totally sucks" to which he replies "I liked it" oh man, that kid sucks!

Totes = totally. it is catching on everywhere. I highly recommend using it.

I think the song playing now is Belle Epoque, its pretty fucking good whoever it is.

Oh shit, I went to this lecture at Brandeis University on wednesday night to see Professor Gregory Nagy speak about Book VIII of The Odyssey, specifically Demodacus' songs in that book. It was myself, Mike Milmoe, Ms. Toner and Mr. Donaher. Totally ridiculous van ride altogether. Mr Donaher almost got us killed by REFUSING TO YEILD TO AN EIGHTEEN WHEELER. We showed up early and sat in an empty classroom. We all sat in the student seats. I looked to my right and saw Milmoe, I looked to my left and saw my Greek Teacher reclining in a chair saying "ooh this IS comfy" and a 70-ish year old man saying "I told you so" so absurd.

The lecture begins, he quotes Nietzche, the crowd goes wild. Total nerd-fest. Everyone's asking questions just to phrase their questions in a manner that would make the almighty Greg Nagy deem them smart. One woman would respond to Nagy answering her questions, while he was still answering them, with "YES, YES, YES, MMMHMM MMMMHMM HAH YES YES YES." it was amazing.

Two cell phones rang, at legnth. A group of like 40 presumably very intelligent people. 2 of whom had absurd ring tones and have not figured out how to put their fucking phones on SILENT when entering a situation like a lecture. God damn.

Lecture, despite never really starting to cover the topic, ends. We are treated to a buffet table including: Orange Fanta, Soda Water, Store-bought cookies, and a huge fucking punch bowl full of INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED STRING CHEESE! I snagged some Moo-town Snackers and a fanta and we left.

The walk back to the van found Milmoe and me alone, asking questions. What just happened? Fanta? Was Ms. Toner dropping a deuce when she went to the bathroom for an inexplicably long period of time? Can Mr. Donaher drive at night?

The answer to the final question was "No." Ms. Toner drove back to school, after saying "I haven't driven since december, and that was in chicago. And I hit a mailbox."
The woman could not change lanes! several near-death experiences later, we arrived back at BC High. Milmoe drove me to the T, and I made my way home.
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[05 Feb 2005|08:33pm]
Last night I had work, then I stayed at Rachel's house. This morning I went to BC High at 7am to go to a debate in Manchester.

Debating went well, despite having to argue the shitty point 5/6 times.

These freshmen we debated (and beat) ended up making some girl cry during their debate. We had to face this girl's team (comprised of her and her gay older brother who felt it necessary to wear a rainbow flag on his debate outfit. totally a plea for sympathy) afterwards and essentially had to throw the match so she would feel better. totally wack. I wanted to win a fucking gavel.

records today
waifle/the anasazi

calling gina clark - s/t on clear
hot cross/light the fuse and run on red
neil perry - s/t on clear

the shotgun wedding - long live artificial on clear #303/600
this bike is a pipe bomb - dance party with...

desaparecidos - read music/speak spanish
the unicorns - who will cut our hair....

I got my report card yesterday. 4.057 gpa for 2nd quarter. fuck yes, first time I broke 4.0 (after lulling at 3.4-3.6 for the past two years).

We got a new flavor at work, Triple Carmel Chunk, so fucking good. impossible to not eat constantly.

eh this was a shitty update.
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[03 Feb 2005|06:32pm]
I find myself mildly attracted to Flannery O'Connor lately

I dont really know whyCollapse )

"Lazy Line Painter Jane" by Belle & Sebastian sucks. This chick who's not in the band sings on it, and she has such a shitty 80s rock anthem voice. totally doesn't go with the song.

So yesterday I went to the first meeting of the BC High GSA (which isn't officially a GSA because the archdiocese wont let us be one. As I expected, everyone was way flamboyantly gay but me. hopefully when more people hear about it, some less-faggy fags will join.

I got the Newgenics 7" in the mail today. the inserts are supposed to be some sort of collection of clues to something. It contains..
2 glossy NEWGENICS post cards
A notecard with tracks from a mix tape, including the Four Seasons, Samantha Fox, Peter Frampton, Aretha Franklin, Art Garfunkel, and J. Geils Band
An oversized nude playing card. it's a Jack.
An actual insert with lyrics and such
A computer print-out on really old gradeschool Green/White lined computer paper titled "South Carolina Election Commission - Voter Registration Breakdown By Race Repoer"
pretty fucking sweet

Staying at Rachel's place tomorrow night, so I can get to BC High by 7am to go to a debate in Manchester (by the sea) until 7pm. then I have work the next morning til 3, then the super bowl. then school the next day. NO FREE TIME EVAH!

I've recently been reading the livejournals of kids at BC High secretly without adding them or letting them know I read their journals. So many kids are so lame and fill their journals with "I'm so sad oh shit. I'm listening to this totally shitty band and it makes me wish I had someone who cared about me. Lately I've been so down. wah wah wah."


Today was Pat Morgan's birthday. he brought a 12-pack of Dr. Pepper to the lunch table. We each received 2 cans. Once finished, we put the cans into a large pyramid on the table and took a picture. Some lame-wad thought it would be totally cool to walk by and fall into the cans. He did so, and Drew Katsikas replied with one of the best comebacks of all time. Something along the lines of...
"Holy shit, your profession must be Doing Cool Things. You should seriously look into doing more cool things in the future. Because, you know, you're really really good at it."
This is much much funnier watching Drew say it, and caused the entire table to laugh at the kid who knocked it over. I had my next class with said kid, and he was totally despondant. He didnt say one word and seemed so angry. I bet he's never had a group of people laugh so loudly at him for so long. Classic.

Midterm grades I've received so far
English - A-
Latin - A-
Critical Issues - A-
Greek - B
Film - C (there's a long horrible story behind this that would take too long to recall. let it be known the teacher is re-reading my paper because I refuse to believe it is a C)
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[27 Jan 2005|05:01pm]
I havent been to school since last wednesday. Snow. Snow. Snow.

The mail comes every other day now, apparently. I'm expecting 66 records in the mail (yes, 66). One came today. One.

I was going to walk to the post office today, but as soon as I opened the door I said "fuck it." I'll mail everyone's shit out on Saturday.

James Kukstis wrote a one-act play and it fucking sucks so much. Paul re-wrote it for him and made it awesome. Kukstis barely used any of the rewrites. I want to be able to write a play thats offensive but can still be put on at school. Apparently thats not possible.

My hearing still isnt 100%, but I'd say its around 90-95

according to humansforsale.com, I am worth $2,214,070.00

I listened to every record by The Pine and Transistor Transistor today. The Pine split 7"s with The Saddest Landscape and La Quiete are so good. I listened to them repeatedly.

"to a husband at war" by I hate myself might be the best song ever.

I have a stiff neck. It's really very irritating. I've taken excedrin, which makes it go away momentarily, but then it comes raging back!

So I was on the T last night coming home from work. This totally lame gangsta white dude and his posse (2 friends) sit across from me. I'm listening to my iPod, and tapping my foot along with the song.
Dude across from me starts drumming along with my tapping and then asks "is that Amanda Woodward?" (he saw my bag, with my amanda woodward patch)
me: "No, but I'm glad to see you can read"
him: "you're glad? it's good that your glad.. is it... the.. emperor?"
me: "oooh, sorry. unfortunately you cant read cursive, thats Die Emperor Die"
him: "what are you listening to? is it punk?"
me: "no"
him: "rock? rap? country? opera? classical"
me: "no"
him: "what is it?"
me: "orchid"
him: "what type of music is it?"
luckily his friends interrupted him, letting him know it was his stop.. so I didnt have to give the embarassing screamo answer, only to misinterpreted as listening to Brand New.
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[24 Jan 2005|01:15pm]
The monster has been fucking tamed, assholes.

Yes, I singlehandedly, with only the help of one other person, shovelled my entire driveway, path on the side of my house, path in front of my house (fucking corner lot, two sets of stairs, a stoop, and even the street (the place on the corner where my mom's car always gets stuck)

there's a Strangers With Candy MOVIE coming out. there is no way this can be bad.

records from the past couple of days (since everyone cares so much), including a couple of emo classics
Belle & Sebastian - Lazy Line Painter Jane
Finger Print - s/t 7"
Ordination of Aaron - s/t 7"
Ordination of Aaron - acoustic 7"
v/a - Better Luck Next Time comp on green vinyl (Orchid, Combat Wounded Veteran, The Infinity Dive, etc)

The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow on red vinyl
v/a - Food Not Bombs comp (Palatka, Constatine Sankathi, etc)

So the Patriots fucking handed the steelers their asses. The Eagles are, essentially, fucked. Pats allowed 3 points to the highest scoring offense in the league, and scored 41 points against the best defense in the league. And this time they have 2 weeks of preparation.

Still havent gotten an email from my Film teacher letting me know that he received my midterm. Which would be fine, had he not stressed the fact that he would reply to everyone's email saying he got their paper. fucking douche.

I spent all yesterday inside (sans driveway shovelling) listening to records. The Microphones - Mount Eerie LP is so so good with actual howling wind in the background.

I cant wait to watch Around The Horn today.
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